Artificial Intelligence – Glossary

When I immersed into the new AI world the many new terms can be quite a challenge. What makes a narrow or weak AI? Or what does a fuzzy logic mean? Maybe you are experiencing the same – in this case you might find this list covering some of the most important terms including a

AI snapshot

I had the chance to interview Dr. Florian Hoppe, one of Germany’s master minds in AI, last week. Here is a short version of our conversation. Enjoy. PS: It’s in German.

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A young Berlin startup bringing their vision of robots to life.

CES 2018

CES 2018 Highlights …

If you didn’t have the chance to join the TECH jamboree this year, here you will find our short list of wantable gadgets.

Do you speak AI?

Sharing some basic findings on artificial intelligence, an overview of the market and opportunities for marketing.

Two sides of the same coin

In today’s ever-growing competitive market, there is no doubt that technology has become the main driving force for innovation. Whether it is a single click on the Web or a gentle tap on our smartphones, we continue to move forward into the future. Despite global warming and the upcoming wars that our friends are lamenting

The innovation recipe …

What generates innovation? What is its essence? What is the secret formula that makes one more innovative than others? Why do some people seem to have a mind-predisposition to forecasting the future? The Harvard Business Review has the answer. After a 6-year-long study, a sample group of 25 innovative entrepreneurs – including  Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, eBay’s

The trinity of content creation …

With the raise of social media almost 7 billion people are potentially given a global stage to share their stories and experiences. Especially in those economically advanced societies „experience“ is replacing „knowledge“ as the social currency. Therefore it comes at no surprise that the importance of content creation tools has grown more and more over the

Vodafone and makers …

Maker’s world principles can be applied on many different marketing areas such as market research, product development and brand experience. Staying truth to Vodafone’s slogan „Was simmer Du vorhast“ … and dos Santos together with Ronen Kadushin developed a number of platforms where users could experience and interact with latest technology tools for Europe’s biggest consumer electronics

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