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Artificial Intelligence – Glossary

When I immersed into the new AI world the many new terms can be quite a challenge. What makes a narrow or weak AI? Or what does a fuzzy logic mean? Maybe you are experiencing the same – in this case you might find this list covering some of the most important terms including a

5 retail trends changing the world as we know it …

Some facts … Omni-channel and innovation have been, and still are, the keys to success of modern retailers. Today’s consumers live, work and shop in a digitally integrated world and retailers need to leverage on innovation to deliver a more enriched, personalized and seamless customer experience. A significant example is Burberry, which provided its in-store sales team, globally,

About open design and agile marketing …

Open meets Marketing 3D printers are unleashing the creativity of millions of people around the globe. Driven by an easy access to knowledge and affordable machines, more and more makers are using these advantages to bring their ideas to life and produce individual solutions. At … and dos Santos we wanted to understand if there is a way to unleash this creativity for marketing. Can this be a possible