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The rise of manless and cashless retail continues …

JD has launched an unmanned shop in Jakarta, Indonesia which integrates cutting edge technologies like RFID, facial recognition, and image recognition to provide the modern consumer with an efficient retail experience. After AmazonGo and Walmart approach unmanned shops, JD is accelerating the transformation in the retail category with the JD.ID X-Mart. It is powered by

You want whales? You get them!

Finally Magic Leap gives us the AR whale. Years ago, Magic Leap created a hype by showing off an image of an augmented reality whale splashing in a gym full of astonished pupils.   This early mockup made such an impression that build the foundation of a not seen before hype for a product which

What makes it memorable?

Mostafa “Neo” Mohsenvand, a graduate student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT’s Media Lab, is trying to find out what makes memorable moments. He wears a fisheye lens on his chest and an EEG cap every day in order to gather as much information about himself and the world around him to monitor memorable

AR Navitainment …

Watch this fascinating video by Blippar showcasing how AR can deliver much more than just helping to find your way in larger spaces. It creates engaging experiences and can even help educating newbies.

Let out your inner Mozart – with AI …

Boost your musical ego with a new AI system, which can transform any tune, melody or bad singing into a new piece of music in different styles. A small group of researchers from Facebook created an ai that is able to listen to an audio file of a song and then mimic it with new

AI identifies in 20 secs a disease affecting 127 million people …

An autonomous-AI diagnostic system developed by IDx from Iowa USA, which is being implemented to help detect health issues such as diabetic retinopathy and cervical cancer, can make an initial diagnose without the need for an eye specialist. Technology like this will be crucial to rural communities who don’t have easy access to healthcare and

Laser tech reduces chemical usage in jeans production by almost 99% …

By using the latest developments in laser technology, Levis have revolutionised their process chain to create sustainable jeans which are meet the customer’s exact specifications. The fashion pioneers have reduced their chemical usage from 1000 to 12, recycled all of the water used in the process, and all whilst only taking 4 hours. Get Custom

Why You Should Immediately Start Working on Your Voice Marketing Strategy …

written together with Carolyn Manion The future of your successful business depends on its ability to keep up with the fast digitization that drives our younger generations forward. While robots, artificial intelligence, and big data are probably the first things that pop into our minds when we think of relevant innovations to incorporate into businesses

AI Can Spot Eye Disease with 94.5% Accuracy

AI now can spot eye diseas and explain its’ results. This is a huge step forward, as before the results were always kind of coming out of a black box. This will make it easier to understand how the underlying data is driving the results. It is especially important as there is a hight need

The Old Lady Germany Keeping a Leading Role in Future Mobility

When it comes to innovation, Germany tends to both whine about the political circumstances and blame the regulations for making an inventors life so hard. Others, especially the states and the big 5 tech companies seem to be lightyears ahead and experimenting with (sometimes debatable) tech innovation in China looks like a paradise for experimentation.