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Do you speak AI?

Sharing some basic findings on artificial intelligence, an overview of the market and opportunities for marketing.

The innovation recipe …

What generates innovation? What is its essence? What is the secret formula that makes one more innovative than others? Why do some people seem to have a mind-predisposition to forecasting the future? The Harvard Business Review has the answer. After a 6-year-long study, a sample group of 25 innovative entrepreneurs – including  Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, eBay’s

5 retail trends changing the world as we know it …

Some facts … Omni-channel and innovation have been, and still are, the keys to success of modern retailers. Today’s consumers live, work and shop in a digitally integrated world and retailers need to leverage on innovation to deliver a more enriched, personalized and seamless customer experience. A significant example is Burberry, which provided its in-store sales team, globally,