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Autonomous ships are here …

We’ve heard about autonomous cars and planes, now @RollsRoyce want to start implementing autonomous ships. Human free ships would help prevent the 1000 ships which are lost a year, and they could be 15% more efficient to run. They hope to start running autonomous ferry services in Northern Europe first, before eventually progressing to fully

Taking Indoor Farming to the Next Level …

Iron Ox is an indoor hydroponic facility – an indoor farm ran by robots. The autonomous farms produce leafy greens at 26,000 heads a year, in a space that is 5 times small of a farm of the same production. The company believes that having an automated farm means robots will make up for jobs

World’s first autonomous tram launched right here in Potsdam

The world’s first autonomous tram, developed by a team of 50 experts, was launched in Potsdam. With its radars, lasers and camera sensors, the tram responds to trackside signals and brakes when it spots an emergency hazard.   The tram is not the only autonomous vehicle to be launched, with other commercial trails happening in cities