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Leak-detecting robotics could save up to 20% of clean water …

Each day around 20% of clean water produced in the world is lost due to leaky pipes which can lead to more serious, damaging problems. However a new robotic called Lighthouse (which has also just won the 2018 James Dyson award) can travel through pipes, detecting leaks via suction and recording the information which can

AI Can Spot Eye Disease with 94.5% Accuracy

AI now can spot eye diseas and explain its’ results. This is a huge step forward, as before the results were always kind of coming out of a black box. This will make it easier to understand how the underlying data is driving the results. It is especially important as there is a hight need

How to transform your business …

If you want to build a sustainable business you need to keep innovating, period. This is where most corporate organizations struggle. They limit themselves by what has been instead imagine what could be. They stay too far away from their customers and do not understand to use digital to make their lives easier. They struggle with