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How to avoid your AI solution turns into a disaster for us all …

Undoubtedly artificial intelligence is a big chance for humanity. It will help us stepping up the evolution ladder and will open up new worlds for us. However we are facing one big challenge – our history. What we just realize is that it is taking revenge, that we have neglected to work on our ethical

Robots go cockroaches …

A new project by Rolls-Royce (not the luxury automobile maker – the engineering company for power and propulsion engines) is developing tiny cockroaches like robots crawling inside their engines to support the maintenance and avoid the time consuming inspections. A genius approach how to use robotics. Read more here.

Robotics taking over stunt jobs …

Disney’s Stuntronics project is a breathtaking approach to robots usage. They can be used as doubles for more delicate stunts during Disneyland shows.

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A young Berlin startup bringing their vision of robots to life.