AI detects almost 100% of spam on Facebook …

Finally Facebook has come under scrutiny the past few months for its privacy policy and inability to remove all the spam and hate speech, new methods have had to quickly been adopted. It is now using an AI tool called Rosetta which can detect images and texts that violate Facebook’s community standards, enhancing our experience on the social media platform and discouraging hate crimes. But this can be only a first step towards fighting one of the biggest challenges we experience in social media today.

We had the chance to work on a project for Accenture which showcases how hard it is to identify what is real and what is fake, which than can manipulate our believes and feelings. Watch the case video here.

An get the full view on Facebooks approach here.

Facebook’s Rosetta technology analyzes billions of images that contain text, but memes are more than the sum of their parts.


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