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AI snapshot

I had the chance to interview Dr. Florian Hoppe, one of Germany’s master minds in AI, last week. Here is a short version of our conversation. Enjoy. PS: It’s in German.

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A young Berlin startup bringing their vision of robots to life.

CES 2018

CES 2018 Highlights …

If you didn’t have the chance to join the TECH jamboree this year, here you will find our short list of wantable gadgets.

Do you speak AI?

Sharing some basic findings on artificial intelligence, an overview of the market and opportunities for marketing.

About open design and agile marketing …

Open meets Marketing 3D printers are unleashing the creativity of millions of people around the globe. Driven by an easy access to knowledge and affordable machines, more and more makers are using these advantages to bring their ideas to life and produce individual solutions. At … and dos Santos we wanted to understand if there is a way to unleash this creativity for marketing. Can this be a possible

Transcendental shopping …

Spending intentions around the world are growing, the number of shopping trips are not. Global consumers shopping habits have shifted, performing fewer shopping trips and demanding more interactions (nielsen research). Retailers are going to see their customers less often and furthermore in some markets the recession phase has led consumers to become more cautious with their