Brain-To-Brain communication is here to change the world for good …

Technology is taking humanity to new levels. It is offering so many opportunities not only for a better life. It will enable participation by all means.
Like in this case. Back in 2013 researchers at the University of Washington created the first human-to-human brain interface. It started with a quite simple task in a gaming context.


2 years later electrophysiology was taken to a new level. Showing how more complex tasks are transmitted between two bodies. You could already see, where this was taking us as a human race. Especially those, who – today – are physically disabled.


Now a team from Harvard Medical School has enabled brain-to-brain communication by sending messages over 1000s of miles.
The next step? Just imagine a world where everyone can express his thoughts and ideas regardless of motoric malfunctions. Think of the opportunity to communicate with stroke victims, accelerating learning curves or improving understanding of taks.
Tech is offering so many new opportunities to create a great world for us all. Let’s take the chance.


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