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AI detects almost 100% of spam on Facebook …

Finally Facebook has come under scrutiny the past few months for its privacy policy and inability to remove all the spam and hate speech, new methods have had to quickly been adopted. It is now using an AI tool called Rosetta which can detect images and texts that violate Facebook’s community standards, enhancing our experience

5G is here – what does this mean for businesses?

Vodafone has conducted its first holographic call with the help of 5G, the new generation of faster, better connected and wider coverage of mobile internet. image source: Vodafone However, faster internet won’t just mean we’ll be able to download our favourite Netflix shows quicker. Here’s some of the ways 5G will transform our everyday lives:

Discovering life in the past with technology of today …

Ruins of ancient civilisations buried underneath the water could soon be brought to life for the public. Museums are already implementing augmented reality to immerse visitors in history. Now, researchers are taking this one step further by using AR underwater. QR codes are being placed on the seabed over ancient relics so divers can be

You want whales? You get them!

Finally Magic Leap gives us the AR whale. Years ago, Magic Leap created a hype by showing off an image of an augmented reality whale splashing in a gym full of astonished pupils.   This early mockup made such an impression that build the foundation of a not seen before hype for a product which

What makes it memorable?

Mostafa “Neo” Mohsenvand, a graduate student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT’s Media Lab, is trying to find out what makes memorable moments. He wears a fisheye lens on his chest and an EEG cap every day in order to gather as much information about himself and the world around him to monitor memorable

Why You Should Immediately Start Working on Your Voice Marketing Strategy …

written together with Carolyn Manion The future of your successful business depends on its ability to keep up with the fast digitization that drives our younger generations forward. While robots, artificial intelligence, and big data are probably the first things that pop into our minds when we think of relevant innovations to incorporate into businesses

Start small for big success …

I had the pleasure to be invited by MarketScale to their podcast and talk about business transformation, big data, artificial intelligence, … with their host Sean Heath. Really enjoyed the conversation and the exchange with Sean. An almost complete download of my recommendations when it comes to digital / business transformation. About MarketScale MarketScale creates

Destination VR …

VR amusement spots are providing high-end VR experiences in malls, theaters and parks. Check out the links below and stay tuned for new awesome projects like Immersive Artistry’s Kind Heaven extending VR to fully sensorik and holographic experiences for Las Vegas.          

Broadcasting the WorldCup 2022 …

… might be completely different from 2018. It’s time to get rid of your flatscreens and order some nice AR glasses. watch the video here  

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