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Going, going, gone!

Portrait of Edmond de Belamy, a painting made using artificial intelligence, was sold at Christie’s auction house in New York. The painting sold for $432,500 which was 40 times higher than the estimated selling price. The algorithm was fed a data set of 15,000 portraits form between the 14th and 20th centuries in order to

Immortal celebrities …

Improvements in CGI are meaning many celebrity performers are being digitally preserved so that their career can continue beyond the grave. Many films are ‘de-aging’ actors so that they continue to look young in franchises; Star Wars now screens all its lead roles, just in case. Next year a holographic version of Amy Winehouse is

Integrating sport and technology

The HomeCourt app uses AI and machine learning to understand basketball players. The app can determine metrics like how high the jump, quantity and quality of the shots, etc.  These metrics may help young players review their practice sessions and make improvements quickly. The co-founder David Lee got the idea because he couldn’t hit a

Robot doing parkour …

Boston Dynamics have always tried to change the way people perceive robots, and this week they have made robots go viral. The SpotMini robot, which is like your own personal robotic dog, has been filmed in a fun clip dancing to Uptown Funk.  The company also released a video of their Atlas robot doing parkour

Encouraging viewers to become a part of the technology and artwork …

Ad agency Ayzenberg Group have curated a new exhibition which highlights the possibilities of mixed reality. The exhibition, which centres around spatial reality, wants to immerse visitors in technology which goes beyond augmented and virtual reality. By encouraging viewers to become a part of the technology and artwork, it emphasises how these devices can simply

5G is here – what does this mean for businesses?

Vodafone has conducted its first holographic call with the help of 5G, the new generation of faster, better connected and wider coverage of mobile internet. image source: Vodafone However, faster internet won’t just mean we’ll be able to download our favourite Netflix shows quicker. Here’s some of the ways 5G will transform our everyday lives:

Discovering life in the past with technology of today …

Ruins of ancient civilisations buried underneath the water could soon be brought to life for the public. Museums are already implementing augmented reality to immerse visitors in history. Now, researchers are taking this one step further by using AR underwater. QR codes are being placed on the seabed over ancient relics so divers can be

The AR weather report taking the world by storm …

The Weather Channel broadcasted a weather report this week about Hurricane Florence. To emphasize the dangers of the hurricane broadcast augmented reality effects were used, demonstrating how high the water could rise and what damages it could do. The weather report has been talked about all over social media and will hopefully encourage residents to

You want whales? You get them!

Finally Magic Leap gives us the AR whale. Years ago, Magic Leap created a hype by showing off an image of an augmented reality whale splashing in a gym full of astonished pupils.   This early mockup made such an impression that build the foundation of a not seen before hype for a product which

AR Navitainment …

Watch this fascinating video by Blippar showcasing how AR can deliver much more than just helping to find your way in larger spaces. It creates engaging experiences and can even help educating newbies.