How to avoid your AI solution turns into a disaster for us all …

Undoubtedly artificial intelligence is a big chance for humanity. It will help us stepping up the evolution ladder and will open up new worlds for us. However we are facing one big challenge – our history. What we just realize is that it is taking revenge, that we have neglected to work on our ethical values for a long time. Especially when we think of today’s big social platforms like facebook, where algorithms are working every second to find the right content for us. But too often this selection is unfiltered and based on the principle of mass. Regardless if information has been false or racist.


On the one hand side, what we need to ensure today, that the data used for artificial intelligence reflects our values, our pluralistic society. On the other hand side it is important to avoid possible conscious or unconscious bias in programming.

Read here an excellent article by Fortune’s Jonathan Vanian about this challenge and what we can do to avoid it.

Unmasking A.I.'s Bias Problem
Artificial intelligence can imitate and enhance human decision-making — and amplify human prejudices. Can Big Tech tackle A.I.’s discrimination problem?


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