How to Stay Popular in the Work World …

If you are running your own business or responsible for the workspace operations in a bigger organization you should review these seven trends about how we will work in the future and if you need to integrate some of them in your strategy.

  1. remote operations – leave it up to your people to work when and where
  2. smart workplaces – use IOT to drive the effectiveness of your teams
  3. employee empowerment and enrichment – gradual freedom for users to choose their tech solutions
  4. evolving communication (ar, vr, mr) – reduce the productivity loss driven by traveling
  5. project based employment – outsourcing short and long term assignments
  6. use of ai – free organizations resources by using ai on all repetitive, exhaustive and time-consuming tasks
  7. increased security – data and network protection

Dive deeper with Inc42’s Prateek Garg pov regarding this topic.

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