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Travel at the Speed of Sound

Five years ago, Elon Musk announced his plans for Hyperloop transport, a system which uses magnets to cary pods through large tubes at 760mph. This week, the first full-size passenger capsule was unveiled which the company believe could be fully functioning in 3 years, with worldwide adoption in 5 to 10 years. With competitors such

World’s first autonomous tram launched right here in Potsdam

The world’s first autonomous tram, developed by a team of 50 experts, was launched in Potsdam. With its radars, lasers and camera sensors, the tram responds to trackside signals and brakes when it spots an emergency hazard.   The tram is not the only autonomous vehicle to be launched, with other commercial trails happening in cities

The Old Lady Germany Keeping a Leading Role in Future Mobility

When it comes to innovation, Germany tends to both whine about the political circumstances and blame the regulations for making an inventors life so hard. Others, especially the states and the big 5 tech companies seem to be lightyears ahead and experimenting with (sometimes debatable) tech innovation in China looks like a paradise for experimentation.