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Eco-friendly IOT

The Isles of Scilly in southwest England have set themselves the goal of using 40% renewable energy by 2025. To do this, they are employing a host of new technologies, including the Internet of things. A community based IoT platform will be able to monitor electricity usage in homes, to track demand. If more energy

The future of sustainable air travel …

Air travel currently accounts for 2% of global carbon dioxide emissions, so finding a greener solution is vital. Researchers at MIT are investigating how batteries can be altered using magnetic fields in order to increase the rate at which the batteries discharge electricity. The main trouble with passenger aircraft is the demand of takeoff, which

Can Technology be fast enough to save the world? …

Can technology be fast enough to break these previous trends and make #RenewableEnergy fast enough to save the world?  Daniel Schrag shares with the MIT Technology review his thoughts about how the climate change is going to be affected by the speed of renewable energy projects. Forecasting a low development with the stain point that