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How VR connects with the elderly

There’s always a discussion about generation Y and Z and their future role in technology, but what role does it play in Generation C? Virtual Reality is being used in many ways to overcome the digital barrier between old and young generations as it is a technology which can be accessible to everyone. For example,

Virtual Learning in Healthcare

Queen’s University have developed a virtual reality medical training centre which will allow students to familiarise themselves with emergencies situations, operators and patient consultations. By first learning in virtual reality, it means more mistakes will be made on stimulations and not on real patients. The reduction in resources and costs will also be a great

17,000 Walmart stores to incorporate VR in staff training …

All Walmart employees will now be required to use virtual reality in their training. The stimulations will help staff get a better understanding of physical situations and scenarios which are hard to recreate otherwise, such as the rush of Black Friday. Walmart is putting 17,000 VR headsets in its US stores for training Walmart will