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Augmented reality, Google glasses, real-time check-ins, face recognition software are all parts of our modern, interconnected, super digitalized era. The digital revolution is improving our lives. Just like in an episode of the Jetson‘s the 1s and 0s have come out of our computers and started embodying a myriad of gadgets. We use them daily, they make us (look?) smarter and improve the quality of our life!
This is what „the internet of things“ is all about: Creating a world where every object – from jumbo jets to sewing needles – is linked to the Internet (infographic). It is where the physical and digital worlds amalgamate and it happens now. It is an ongoing phygital revolution.

Phygital examples are e.g. the Wimoto sensors, that monitor your plants‘ soil and alerts you when it‘s time to water them. Or Tile tags which, once connected to your precious keys or wallet, let your smartphone locate them in an eye-blink.

In the marketing world this translates into opportunities which help brands having a more meaningful impact. As Umair Haque (Havas Media Labs) mentioned a year ago, brands need to connect to and improve their target groups‘ lives. They need to use these opportunities and if they do so it is the greatest way to gain a safe and prosper place in their markets.

However impacting people‘s lives isn‘t an easy task. According to the „Meaningful Brands Survey“ (source), only 20% of the brands succeed (scaring 70% of the rest could disappear from one day to another without even being noticed).

What these successful brands are doing more and more of, is „utility marketing“. Think of Nike and its’ Nike+, Tesco‘s virtual store at train stations in South Korea, Coca-Cola’s small world machines … It is all about „developing tools that make people’s lives easier by understanding their needs and stretching your brand world to address their issues” (Umar Haque). It is about pushing the meaning of your classic marketing messages to a much higher ground with the help of the sheer infinitive life-hacks and life improving solutions that the phygital revolution offers us.

Brands, which make life better, will survive.

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