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… it‘s been launched not much more than 100 days ago and it‘s already a phenomenon; it‘s a baby app coming from an extremely successful dynasty and with it it shares the „short and quick content“ philosophy. Vine in fact, just like Twitter, puts a limit to your posts but in this case not of 140 characters but of 6 seconds during which still are shown in a looping video. Just like the good old gifs but this time self-made and much more sharable. Needless to say it‘s been, so far, an incredible success. In just over 100 days 5 Vine videos are being shared every second. Vine represents a massive opportunity for brands to be creative and conquer audience‘s attention as part of a much larger content marketing strategy.

Here are the most creative, smart, stylish examples of how both, brands and normal users, made the best out of their six seconds …

A few brands have really taken the lead into the Vine‘s community because of their smart way to use the media. A big difference though was noticed in the purpose of the content created, brands like Urban Outfitters and Doritos delivered stylish or fun content for the launch of a product or a campaign; on the other hand brands like Lowe‘s and GE delivered useful videos, directly actionable and that made it still into the viral top list, but this approach might, in the long time, be more profitable in terms of client‘s loyalty bond.

A recent research (unruly media) stands out that Vines videos are shared four times as often as branded Internet videos and, furthermore, that 4 percent of the top 100 shared Vines were made by brands, compared to only a 1 percent of the top 10 viral online videos.

Some great reads …

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DDB Brussels approached vine in am extremely creative way: They needed to hire people, and given that the average time spent to read a resumé is around six seconds they asked applicants to submit a Vine video instead of a resume, take a look at what they‘ve received until now.

Speaking of clever brand strategy on Vine, the case of Cap‘n Crunch Cereals is absolutely admirable. Leveraging on the huge hype that Ryan McHenry‘ Vine‘s series  „Ryan Gosling won‘t eat his cereal” has created in the past month, a Vine response has been created stating „Ryan Gosling will eat his cereal – but only if it‘s cap‘n crunch“, Perfect timing and perfect answer.

Brands apart, the Vine‘s world is really serious about its 6-second-videos, in fact, a new award has been created just for this specific category of moving pictures, here is the list of the Tribeca Film Festival Vine‘s videos.

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