What makes it memorable?

Mostafa “Neo” Mohsenvand, a graduate student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT’s Media Lab, is trying to find out what makes memorable moments. He wears a fisheye lens on his chest and an EEG cap every day in order to gather as much information about himself and the world around him to monitor memorable moments. He’s logged over 1,500 hours of content. He combines the videos and biometric signals, creating minutes-long films unveiling quite interesting information about the noteworthiness of events in his life.

Photo by Henri Pham on Unsplash

What is quite intriguing and a great approach to visualize the effect of memorability is the play with speed. One clip is around how his heart rate varied while watching the movie Whiplash. The drumming sequences fly by, but the film slackens in a few key spots, especially when the music teacher tells the drummer “You earned the part.”


“I’m sensitive to father-son relationships, it turns out,” Mohsenvand says, noting how his heart rate sped up during interactions between the movie’s main character, Andrew, and his father. Super nice and engaging approach to explain, what make things memorable.

By-products include striking short films that speed up and slow down along in response to body signals.

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